Why doesn’t my bundled price surgery page show up on Google?

Providers are often mystified as to why their landing page featuring cash pay surgery prices or bundled price surgery may never show up in a Google search.

Here’s a list of reasons why it can happen and what to do about it.

  1. The page elements (text, images, and videos) aren’t optimized.
  2. The content isn’t good. It may be too short or too long or too broad such that the crawlers that analyze the text aren’t sure what the primary topic is.
  3. The website has crawl issues, meaning that Google bots can’t crawl the site to index it.
  4. The site loads slowly, causing Google not to rank it well.  Use of a Content Distribution Network (CDN) may help, but generally you must pay a little extra to use one. Do it if you care about page speed. Also, optimize large image and video files to compress them so they load faster and take up less bandwidth.
  5. The site has been “quarantined” due to spam links.
  6. The site has duplicate content. If you posted your content someplace else, there are special techniques in SEO to let the crawlers know that you are not plagiarizing someone else’s content.
  7. The site is trying to compete in a highly competitive category that takes tons of SEO effort, and isn’t being optimized correctly.  It also bears mentioning that longevity (how long the page has been up), proximity to expiration date (when your domain registration expires) and how aggressively your competitor codes its website and web pages for Search Engine Optimization.
Maria Todd, of AskMariaTodd™ on content marketing for healthcare providers as a means of business development.We asked our health tourism marketing expert, Maria Todd of AskMariaTodd™ about the state of the industry when it comes to SEO for ASCs,  hospitals, surgeons, and dentists promoting a bundled price surgery or cash pay surgery product. 
Todd earned her certification from Google in digital marketing several years ago because she needed the insight when coaching clients. She says most healthcare organizations, especially surgeons and dentists are loathe to invest in proper marketing. Part of the reason seems to be a lack of understanding of the importance of marketing, advertising, branding and public relations. Another part is ego.
“If you believe for a minute that you are going to show up immediately below the more established legacy providers that have been offering cash pay surgery prices since 2008 or before, you’ve got your work cut out for you. 

If you copied their websites to design your own,  you aren’t clear on the concept of how SEO works and how Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are ranked and presented.  The main component of the SERP is the listing of results that are returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query.  Pages may contain other results such as advertisements, images, and snippets.”
Snippets are text about certain types of pages and data, including reviews, business listings, people, or events.  Google uses structured data that it finds on the web to understand what your page is about and for whom its target reader may be ideal. Read more about how this works by clicking the link she shared.

Todd says that if you plan to scale your program and want to be found on the internet when people search for cash pay surgery and other similar terms, you must budget for the assistance from a professional to a) optimize your pages, b) purchase services from a publicity agent to get you media exposure and interviews that will boost your recognition, and c) create content people want to read with your ideal customer as the protagonist. 

Your featured services belong on your “About Us” page. The rest of the content on your site must be phrased so that readers can envision themselves as the protagonist reaping benefits from engaging with your brand.  For many medical practices, ASCs and hospitals, this last point is most challenging for them. 

Maria Todd no longer devotes much time to contracting with doctors and healthcare organizations to “do” their SEO treatments for them. She explains, “SEO expertise requires focus and dedication to remain up to date with Google and other search engine technical changes.”
She helps her clients decide on what results they want and then introduces freelance, professional SEO experts to help. She stays in the loop to ensure that the SEO expert is effective and that results are achieved or she helps her client find someone else who can deliver.   “SEO is like a car” she explains. “Normal maintenance, tune ups, and oil changes go a long way to preserve the value of the car.”  She says that the same is true of your content, page layout, design elements, images, and the words you use on your pages and posts. With SEO, it’s never “one and done”. Nor are results immediate.
If you can’t take time to learn or afford to hire professional expertise to help with SEO treatments, then get listed on the SurgeryShopper.com database as soon as possible. That way, our patient concierge assistants can point interested website visitors with near term purchase intention to your web page to learn more about your offers, your destination, your inclusions and exclusions. You can also post a few banner ads which will be professionally optimized by our internal experts on the pricing information pages that correlate to your bundled price surgery procedures.
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