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About the procedures we list

If you know the type of procedure you want or need, you’re halfway to a solution!

In the USA, there are more than 59,000 unique surgical procedures that have been described by the official guide to Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) developed, maintained, and copyrighted by the American Medical Association. They have published this industry standard directory of surgical procedures since 1966. In each category, procedures are described using a 5-digit unique code and  there is also one “catchall” code for each subcategory ending in XXX99 for procedures that have not yet been added to that year’s directory. 

If you know the CPT® code(s) or the name of the procedure you would like to know more about, you can enter them in the search box below. But if you enter something and there’s nothing on file, don’t give up. Just send us an email. One of our concierge staff will be pleased to assist you.

Finding package prices for surgery is challenging and time consuming if you are not trained on what to ask or to whom

Health facilities are just recently beginning to create bundled package prices for surgeries. We know whom to call and what to ask even if they haven’t already created the package. 

For one thing, the procedure you want may not be on their frequently performed procedures.  Many hospitals, freestanding ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and surgeons that perform office-based surgery in private operating rooms started listing “packages” only recently. Most focused on package pricing for each specialty list by tackling their most frequently performed 15-20 procedures. But in reality, they may actually be licensed and approved to do hundreds of procedures. 

About 80% of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are single specialty. They lack the equipment and medical staff to do other procedures.  The other 20% are considered multi-specialty but may not include the specialty you need. 

Rather than search the internet and get frustrated making call after call, make one call to us.  Let’s see if we can help you quickly and efficiently. We have more than 400 options of hospitals and ASCs and we know which procedures and specialties are available at each.

If the procedure is not listed...

Surgery package pricing isn’t as simple as it may seem

To properly develop and calculate a package procedure takes hours for each procedure. There isn’t a software that is available on the market to help them…yet. 

But if the providers we work with receive a call from us advising a that a prospective patient is interested, they’ll come up with a package price upon our request. It usually takes a day or two to receive their response.

To calculate a package price for a surgery procedure requires attention to detail, knowledge of the surgery procedure, input from nurses, supply clerks, vendors, and negotiations with independent and/or employed surgeons on their medical staff.  Someone with the authority to calculate and quote prices must consider, among other things:

  • the percentage of overheads, materials and supplies, instrumentation;
  • incremental costs of nursing and other technical staff time;
  • average patient time in the operating room for that particular procedure, time in pre-operative holding area, time in recovery. These three factors require historical analysis of similar and past cases.
  • incremental direct costs for medications, implants, and hardware costs along with handling and transportation charges;
  • incremental direct costs associated with any x-rays needed during surgery or costs associated with tissue samples that must be examined by a pathologist, and more; and
  • if the surgery requires an inpatient admission (where you stay overnight for a few nights at the hospital), they will need to add those costs to the calculation based on past averages associated with that surgery.

Then they must reach out to the surgeon(s) with the privileges, experience and availability and negotiate their fee to add it to the package along with any fees for anesthesia. There may be rules and procedures within the facility that must be followed so that the offers to participate in the package are fair and equitable to all eligible staff physicians and surgeons, as medical staff rules don’t allow the facility to steer volumes of procedures to doctors that are not qualified, and they cannot “steer” cases that represent revenue opportunities to healthcare providers by favoritism or otherwise disproportionately. If there are 15 surgeons on the staff who are qualified to perform the surgery you want, and you have not indicated a preference, there may be a “round robin” system in place to rotate opportunities to participate by qualified surgeons and anesthesiologists. helps you find surgery package prices at health facilities in these locations