President Trump’s Healthcare Price Transparency Order Unveiled …and?

Administration officials did not confirm when the rulemaking will take place, saying only that they will use "any and all regulatory vehicles" that can carry out its directives.

It seems as if politics “trumped” over meaningful change, again. the White House allegedly wanted more specific language while HHS allegedly wanted to mitigate opposition. We’re pretty unimpressed and disappointed. All the hype and media coverage led us to believe that there would be substance to the Executive Order. We’ve got more substance right here on this website, without government interference or Executive Orders.

An HHS representative explained that “”The information we’re sharing today describe the outcomes we intend to deliver…”

At, we’ve already “delivered” transparency to the people. Patients and their employers can locate meaningful information and comparison shop prices with guided assistance from our concierge team to help them sort through the options, destinations, and package comparisons available in our database.

Hospitals and insurers have lobbied hard in Washington against the mounting pressure to disclose what they say are proprietary contract negotiations. At we believe that their argument is for a different product and program. Eventually, what the government should tackle is transparency on finished deliverable: a three day stay for a certain condition, a surgery, the price of an MRI or PET Scan, a chest x-ray, a blood test, and so forth. 

According to our expert,  Maria Todd of AskMariaTodd™, “No consumer or payer really cares about the “cost-per-ingredient pricing” in a loaf of bread at the store. They care about how much they have to pay for the finished loaf of bread at the cash register and value in terms of product quality and safety. All that the hospitals and insurers are worried about is a different product, mindset and different numbers from this bundled-price, surgery package product. It is a different product; different concept; different terms and conditions of sale; different price.”

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