How To Get More Website Traffic for Your Surgery Center

Simply publishing content has zero value unless it is seen and shared.

By the numbers

Research by several experts indicates that:

  1. only 17% of your website visitors are willing to read a blog post
  2. the average blog post receives just 4 social shares and zero backlinks

Your ASC, clinic or hospital needs free organic traffic or your “reach” and “engagement” will end up costing you a small fortune.  Especially if you don’t create it yourself. And reach and engagement don’t equal first page or top line Google page placement or revenue. Not ever.

You need a way to 1) create targeted and relevant, original content under your own brand, and then 2) to use it to turn it into a traffic-driving engine that works 24/7/365 for you.  The recommended way to do this (assuming you’ve  created relevant, original content under your own brand that is targeted at your ideal patient, is content repurposing.  It is a way that you can place the right form of content on every social platform that matters. “It’s like having a Swiss Army Knife in your hands,” says our Google-certified healthcare business expert, Maria Todd.  Maria is an internationally-recognized expert in healthcare marketing, branding, and using brand awareness and relevance to increase contracted reimbursement for healthcare providers. But she’s also developed international renown for developing medical travel destination programs and is a co-founder of and Higowell, the world’s leading first and only patient coordination and medical travel management software and global distribution platform (U.S. patient application pending.)

With content repurposing, we take one blog article and transform it into video, podcast, checklists, white papers, slide decks, infographics, memes, and more. A ghost writer without subject matter expertise and knowledge of your ideal patient should not be assigned to create your original content. But a lower-paid technician can easily transform the piece into all these above-listed repurposed assets. 

Scheduling Releases of Repurposed Content

You need not create it all in a day and you should not release each repurposed asset on the same day. Instead, drip feed your content at a rate of two pieces per platform per week at a minimum. 
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