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magnet pulling in dollar bills

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We Offer Three

NEW PATIENT ATTRACTION PACKAGES: protects you from exposure to third-party payors who would love to argue that they are entitled to the same pricing. We filter the information released through our concierge care coordinators in live interactions by phone or by email and only share the information you want shared.


Our standard package includes unlimited bundled price surgery listings in our database as you’d like to offer. 

When individual consumer prospects call and ask “what’s the lowest price available” for the procedure they want, our care concierge team asks about the distance they’d like to travel and other preference questions and your package price is offered to them as an option.

When a prospect selects or short lists your offer, we transfer them to your designated internal point person to answer further questions about your package terms and conditions and for booking and payment. If you don’t have a designee on your staff, no worries, we offer assistance with closing sales on your behalf. (see below)


Our standard package includes our basic listing package plus one (1) 300px x 300px display ad “with dofollow” SEO treatment that indicates to search engines that your website is legitimate and trustworthy, useful to visitors, presents accurate information, and is relevant to their search. When viewed, the ad shows your brand message. When clicked, it transfers the visitor on our site straight through to the page on YOUR website where you’d like them to land.  You may add additional ads on additional pages on for charge, per month

Swap out ads anytime you like. Add or subtract ads whenever you like. Add or subtract bundled surgery package procedures any time. Change display pages anytime.

Premium - add Outsourced Concierge Assistance

Get listed, get at least one display ad, but when callers decide they want to learn more, instead of transferring the call to your office, we step in as patient liaison. We supply additional information on your letterhead (custom quotes, collecting data on your supplied patient information forms, medical records gathering, and booking a conference call with your admissions coordinator or surgeon, managing any travel arrangements) and arrange financing or payment directly to you. After the surgery, we also gather feedback on patient satisfaction and perceived outcomes on your behalf, monitor that they’ve attended their follow up appointments if they traveled from a long distance, and report this to you.  

We do all this for one flat fee per patient. We add the cost of this service and its flat fee to your surgery package price. This leaves your internal staff free to do other things.

The Time Is Now

Get the Edge on Your Competition

Our team can list your facility and bundled surgery package prices in the database immediately if you meet our criteria.
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