Attract new patients through drives more qualified leads from consumers, employers, insurers, brokers and TPAs. But if you aren’t listed in our database, our care coordinators cannot refer them to you. 


Does anyone know you offer a bundled case rate product?

The marketplace where consumers, employers and insurers can find and access affordable, bundled price surgery.

We'll help you attract more patients ready to pay in full for their procedure on or before the day of surgery.

Streamline your intake and revenue management like never before.

We built so providers could focus on surgery and direct patient care and white glove concierge service.  Our Coordinators can handle incoming inquiries and pre-qualify leads. But they can also help your patients with insurance approvals,  pre-authorization, travel plans, and consumer financing options. 

You get paid 100% – up front, directly from the patient, the finance partner or their insurer.

Simple. Elegant. Transparent. Efficient.

When our concierge team gets the surgery is authorized on the patients’ behalf, the payor prepares the check made out directly to you. They either ACH the funds in advance or the patient brings a check or a funded debit card for the amount due on the day of pre-op appointments.

Attend this Educational Workshop

Develop and Sell A Bundled Price Surgery Program

Cash-pay surgery at bundled prices is a growing trend in the U.S. But it’s not only for consumers.
Employers are very interested in contracting directly with hospitals and ASCs to contain costs.
Learn how it works and what it takes to build and deploy a program outside of the Medicare model.

10 Ways We're Different from All the Rest

  1. You set your bundle and your price. No more haggling over prices and discounts with network organizers.
  2. You negotiate and use your contract form agreements and attached program terms and conditions in your custom “Payor Manual”.
  3. You define a “clean” bundled surgery claim and how it appears on a UB04 or 1500 form.
  4. Self-Funded employers can contract directly with you, not an extra layer of intermediaries (brokers, TPAs, PPOs and network).  
  5. Employers stretch plan claims funds and provide their plan members with a great new surgical savings benefit. 
  6. You get a new revenue stream and steerage of new pre-qualified patients who understand that they must pay 100% up front.
  7. We are not a provider “network” like a PPO or HMO. You don’t pay us a percentage of revenue when you receive patients.
  8. There is no PEPM charged to employers or TPAs to access your bundled price surgery program.
  9. Your monthly flat fee covers as many bundled surgery case rates as you decide to offer. There’s no limit to what you can add to (or delete from) the database. When you need to modify your prices, just notify us. No problem.
  10. You cannot pay to be featured more than anyone else. You compete on price, location and reputation and value.

Providers ask us every day how we can make so simple and transparent and inexpensive to market or advertise on  We designed our disruption strategy to work this way and its helping more than 400+ surgical facilities and surgeons across the nation.

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